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Learn About a Wire Cloth Basket

If you've recently found yourself in the market for custom fabricated baskets, look no further than While a wire cloth basket may be something that you were previously unfamiliar with, there are many uses for such a product including heat treating, hardening, drying, rotating, carburizing, pickling, plating, tumbling, annealing, degreasing, dichromating, spinning, nitriding, and cleaning.

Whether you're purchasing a custom fabricated basket for one of the purposes listed above or something entirely different, purchase it from is a wire cloth fabrication expert, and can produce any variety of baskets you need. So, if you're interested in a rectangular basket, a dumping basket, or something more original, fill out an order form at


Wire Cloth Fabrication Experts

Perhaps you don't know what kind of basket you're looking for. After all, a wire cloth basket can be manufactured with or without hardware, in a variety of shapes. They can be equipped with different kinds of bindings and accessories like lifting devices, legs, shelves, dividers, and lids. They can be woven or welded, and are often protected with different coatings.

If that sounds overwhelming, has a number of wire cloth fabrication experts that can talk you through the process. Feel free to contact a member of Hillside's sales or engineering team via the phone and email information listed on the "Contact Us" page.

If you already know what you need; a wire mesh cloth or a witches hat strainer, simply visit the "How to Order" page corresponding to the product you want, either baskets or wire cloth. Find a suitable material and method of manufacturing for your specific application at